Alcohol – 10 Tips When Drinking is a Problem


How to Prevent Alcohol Addiction Slip and Relapse

Holding a bottle again is dangerous for people who were treated for their alcohol addiction. Although some are able to go back on track and continue with their recovery, others quit their sobriety and return to drinking.

Both a slip and a relapse bring negative effect to the alcoholics. However, a slip has less severity in terms of effects because the alcoholic is able to quit drinking at once.


If alcoholics on the road of sobriety slip into drinking for a night, they will quickly return to their recovery after realizing that it is bad for them. It can be compared to an accident, where one who previously abused alcohol will resume on their goal to recover.

On the other hand, a relapse is more serious because it means alcoholics return into their alcohol addiction. The relapse began from a pattern of slip drinking that eventually developed into addiction again.

What they do not realize is that former alcoholics who started recovery and had relapsed, have to start from zero once more. It is now harder for them to quit drinking and experience the whole process of withdrawal symptoms again.

However, not all who had slipped don’t have any chance to recover. Even if a person slipped, he/she can still resume recovery. The most important thing is that they realized their mistake for drinking and get back on their goal to stay sober.

A slip is a turning point to return to alcohol addiction or to continue being sober. However, people should not be discouraged to continue their road to recovery despite their mistake.


They must do everything so that their mistake should not turn into full blown addiction by doing these steps:

  • Recovering alcoholics must learn not to repeat the same mistake again or think that since they already fell into drinking again, they already lost hope to recover.
  • Those who have slipped to drinking should refocus their goal and priorities. They should get back on track and make quitting their alcohol addiction their main goal. They can ask the alcohol addiction experts on the “triggers,” and how they can face them without becoming an addict again.
  • If they belong to any support groups, they should seek help right away. Their sponsor is someone they can talk and ask advice when they need.
  • Recovering addicts often slip because they feel depressed, sad or bored about their recovery. Learn to adapt to the new event in your life and find ways so you would not feel bored by developing a new hobby or meeting new people.
  • Make use of all the follow up sessions/ therapies or after care in order to be reminded of the things that they should do throughout their recovery.

Those who fell into a relapse should not be discouraged to continue their recovery. The most important thing is, to look into the future and you’ll see that there are still many opportunities in your life after alcohol addiction.